Stone carving is perhaps the oldest of the visual arts .Ever         
since some cave dweller picked up a pebble and felt it's shapes
suggest human forms artists have been obsessed with the idea   
that a stone contains a finished image, to be revealed by its        
skillful peeling. I find this process the perfect metaphor for my      
own true image hidden in the block of myself. As I peel a stone I
peel myself. It is not really my job to go into the studio and         
make things; I go and listen, and try to report the news the           
stones have to tell.  When I work I look for the tragedy that           
makes me laugh, the joke that brings tears, and, hopefully,          
something beyond both.
Outdoor sculpture is of Indiana limestone.
Small sculptures are of various woods.
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Guy Robinson
Master Puppet Maker  21" H '87
Woman Possessed By Her Own Shadow  27"H  ' 88
Birdbath 39" H  '87             
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One Way Weather Vane '87 56"H
Small Saint '89 31" H
Gatekeeper '87 24" H
Pipe Dream '88 7" H
Lure #2 '90 7" H
The designing and building of Chinese martial arts swords   
began as many things do with me: if you cannot afford, or  
cannot find what you want- build it. The designing of swords
is the working of a delicate puzzle. It must conform to the
needs of the martial style, but also to  the needs of the
individual player (balance, hand and body size, weight, etc.).
While fulfilling traditional requirements and motifs, it must
also be a unique and  satisfying sculptural  form. A good
martial artist will use it as a musician does an instrument. It is
like re-designing a violin, over and over.
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* I do not make my own blades. They are acquired from
various sources and reshaped to my purposes . The brass
is carved, not cast. Handles are of various hardwoods, and
often carved. Case woods are chosen for stability and then
stained or 'ebonized' and varnished.
I no longer carve stone. While painting is equally
hard on the mind, it is much easier on the body.